The first 3 weeks of training are done and I am feeling pretty good. I have decided to make some adjustments to this cycle of marathon training including spinning as my cross training. I will continue to do yoga once a week as well.  My plan calls for running 4-5 days per week along with 1 rest day, so I may have to double up on some days. So, here are the paces I will be running during this training cycle. I have decided to put in my race pace at 9:50 which would result in a finish time of 4:17:49 [highly unlikely, but it is nice to dream!].

FullSizeRender (2)

Week 1 – 1/25 – 18.32 miles 

This was the most miles I have run since the week of 10/19/15 [last week of MCM training]. I am still trying to get comfortable in my new shoes. Using the Saucony insoles just does not work for me, but my favorite inserts are old and need to be replaced, so I have been switching out and trying the other two pairs I own.


Week 2 – 2/1 – 25.53 miles

This week included a strength training day, 4 runs including a race, and some yoga.

Week 3 – 2/8 – 21.5 miles

Spinning, yoga, and lots of treadmill miles this week for me.

Positives: I have increased my water intake by using my new Tervis water bottle, which was a Christmas present from my SIL, Allison.



Issues: nagging knee discomfort off and on as well as lower back tightness and soreness especially on longer runs.