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Hollis Fast 5K

June 12, 2014 – This was an exciting race for me. I was running with my daughter, my BFF, Sarah and her son, Sam.  The plan was for Sarah and I to each run our own races and try to get personal bests.


Brenna and her surrogate brother, Sam were very excited to be running together. The plan was for them to stick together and support each other, as this was Sam’s first 5K.


Here are a few pre-race pics at the start.


The best part of this race was waiting for  Sam and Brenna and watching them come sprinting down the final stretch together looking so happy.  I love the pics we got from one of the course photographers.


This is a popular local race because of it’s fast and flat course and 1066 runners ran this race.  I was excited about my results because I set another PR for my 5K distance.

438  19/96   F40-44   SANDRA MULDOWNEY     43 F   452 Merrimack NH         26:04.7  8:25   27:32

18:49 is the NH state record for my age.

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