A special race in honor of a special lady, whose birthday was today – September 14th.

I must admit that I was not looking forward to this race, simply because of the distance and time. Getting up before 6:00am and driving over 1 hour to the race site on a Saturday morning. The morning was perfect. We found street parking and walked to the starting point to get my bid number and t-shirt, both of which I liked. It was cloudy and cool – perfect running weather.

The start was not very organized, with all of us running up a driveway and making a sharp right onto the street. It was very tight with about 1000 people there.


I was surprised with how quickly the pack spread out and we were off and running. All the walkers stayed to the back, which was great and meant that I did not have to dodge w people. I felt strong and new that my pace at 0.5 miles was 8:? Seconds. Unfortunately, my Runkeeper app was interrupted at that point while I was on the new bridge, by a phone call.  After that point, I never heard my time, mileage, or pace again, but I did have my stopwatch, which I had started as I crossed the start line. Going over the bridge, I had to remind myself to look up and around. The views were pretty And I was glad we did not have to worry about traffic.

This picture was taken of me as I was going over the bridge towards Maine. The photographer (Suzanne Laurent) from seacoastonline was kind enough to send it to me.image

I felt strong throughout the race and thought the course was great [pretty flat]. The vibe was also very positive for people cheering on different teams. I knew that my time was pretty fast [for me] and I was pleasantly surprised when I finished [with what I was pretty sure was a new PR].

Here I am wearing my pink shirt and black capris crossing the finish line [which was in a much better position than the starting line].

and here are my official results:

  153  15/149    101 SANDRA MULDOWNEY  42 F MERRIMACK    NH   27:39   27:20.98  8:49