On Saturday, October 19th, I ran the Santa Fund Run in Nashua, NH with my husband, our friend, Russ, our daughter, and her friend. This was a special race for me, as it was my very first race (October 2012). It was also my husband and daughter’s first race.

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It was a gorgeous, sunny, chilly Fall morning with temps in the low 50s by race time. The route was changed from last year and consisted of running away from the Nashua YMCA and toward the HS and into Mine Falls.  This course had 2 hills and consisted of paved roads, and dirt and paved paths within the trail system in the park. When the horn sounded, I set off without thinking and did not wish anyone good luck [sorry!]. I felt strong and set out at a fast pace. I knew that I could beat my time from last year, but the question was by how much. I was not expecting a 5K PR since I have not run on trails, but guess what – I got a PR!!!! What a difference a year makes – 32:14:73 vs. 26:51:17.  I can’t wait to do this race again next year with my family.

This was the first time I was at the finish line waiting and I got to see our friend Russ finish as well as Brian, Brenna, and Alex.  Brian, Brenna, and Alex actually got interviewed by a Nashua Telegraph journalist because he took their picture at the finish line.

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49   9/38     148 SANDRA MULDOWNEY    42 F MERRIMACK    NH   26:51.17   27:27  8:51 5k [the pace is wrong!]