Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014 • 4:30 pm NH Motor Speedway • Loudon, NH 

This was race #14 in 2014 and was a last minute addition to my calendar.  Brian encouraged me to do it since I had done 13 in 2013. I am happy I decided to do it because it was the best “race.”

I went into it thinking that it would be a jog through the thousands of Christmas lights. Brenna was doing it with me and she had not been running so I was focused on enjoying the sights.

Here’s a quick selfie while we waited for the race to start and us at the starting line just before the race.  

10685404_10152919163469920_5848876089707949509_n             10397020_10100239318396161_361656210828242356_o   

We took off just as the sun set and all the lights were on. We used our new lit hats and took off at a decent jog. Brenna asked to walk as we hit the .7 mile mark and so we did for a very short time before she set off jogging again. She only asked to slow down one other time at about the mid point. The last half of the race was a strong one and she never stopped. One of our favorite parts was running through the tunnel of   lights. As we approached the last .3 miles, Brenna took off and I was never able to catch her. She passed by Brian who thought something must have happened to me when he did not see me with her. She was ecstatic that she beat me. I was so happy that her last race was her best! Unfortunately, I do not think we will do this race again. It was a nightmare exiting the parking lot and took us more than 1 hour to get out!


My stats:

  •   Overall Time: 21:35.8
  •   Pace: 10:48
  •   Overall Place: 587

Brenna’s stats:

  • Overall Time: 21:33.9
  • Pace: 10:47
  • Overall Place: 586