Monday – If ever there was a day that I considered skipping my run, it was today. We returned home from Gunstock, unloaded, and I got ready to leave. It was 91* at 6:17 when I started. I chose to do the 3 mile loop in our neighborhood. Average pace – 10:32

Tuesday –  I set off at 8:51 am and it was sunny and 72*, but when I finished it was 86* real feel [58% humidity and 67* dew point]. This was a hot sweaty 6 mile run on NRRT. Average pace – 10:54

Wednesday – Crosstraining – 1 hour fitness yoga with Cheryl at YMCA

Thursday – hill repeats and 1 hour yoga with Deb at YMCA – total mileage 3:25

Friday – Long Run – 75* and cloudy when I started but when I finished at 1:30. It took me 3:11:46 to run my 16 miles today. I dodged storms and never got wet from rain, but I was drenched for most of my run because it was so soupy out. I listened to my audiobook for the first half and music for the latter half.