Monday – This was a frustrating run where my Garmin failed to record my mileage correctly during a common 3 mile loop, so I had to go extra to make up the mileage. Average pace – 10:33

Tuesday – First training run on the treadmill due to rain and it getting dark. Two miles @ 9:13 and two miles @ 9:40 with 1/4 mile rest between each tempo mile. This was a challenging workout, but I did it. Average pace – 10:33

Wednesday – Crosstraining – I opted to do a Yoga with Adrienne video – Yoga for Strength and Focus (43:15), which was pretty challenging but much needed.

Thursday – Long Run – I ran my 9 miles on the NRRT this morning. The first 2 miles were hard with my shins feeling sore/tight. This did subside with continued running. I fueled/walked @ 30 and 60 minutes with gels. Average pace – 11:48

Friday – This easy run felt great although the soreness in my lower legs was still there. I had negative splits after mile 2. Average pace – 10:43

Saturday – I decided to bail on the easy 3 miles due to limited time because of Brian’s pre-race Ironman activities. this was only my second missed run.

Sunday – Rest Day – not quite – since I was up at 4:30am and was on the go all day and mostly on my feet due to Ironman 70.3 Timberman.

I am working hard at not watching my Garmin on easy and long runs and running by feel. The exception is on tempo/speed workouts. Three of my runs were below 11:00 pace which is faster than I have been running. This week’s word is one I am trying to remember when things are hard. I am fortunate that I ‘get to’ run because there are many people who cannot.