image*** I switched up my training plan for this week to accommodate my race on Saturday.

Monday – 3 easy miles + 8 strides this morning was not so easy with full sun out early and 73*.  I took no fuel or water and managed 3.85 miles in the neighborhood.

Tuesday – 6 miles will all negative splits on the NRRT. This was supposed to be a 3-2-1 but once I started with negative splits, I decided to do each mile faster than the one before it. I took no fuel or water. This run felt great although warm [sunny and 78*].

Wednesday – Crosstraining – I decided to take my daughter to the beach for 4 hours, where we played in the water and walked the shoreline. I also went to the park for a 30-minute Beachbody workout. It was still 91* at 7pm.

Thursday – long run – 14.5 miles on NRRT @ 11:58 with the first 7 miles being negative splits. My biggest issue was with sucking from my new hydration pack. [I have yet to figure out what the problem was.] I used gels and beans every 30 minutes and felt great. I listed to an audiobook which helped pass the time [2:53:33] and I ventured new territory!

Friday – Rest Day – We spent the day in Maine at our friend’s camp.

Saturday – Beach to Beacon 10K – Cape Elizabeth, ME – This was my easy 6 miles this week and probably the best workout ever, but I will save the details for my race review [coming soon]. I did have a very cool bib number!


Sunday – Rest Day – We travelled back from Portland, ME and spent some time at the beach.


I can’t believe I am 1/3 of the way done with training. At this point, I have no complaints. Things have been going really well and I have not missed any training days. My pace in general is about 1:30 slower than last summer and I can’t figure out why. I am trying to follow my pacing suggestions given my results from the Newport 10 miler.