Monday – Negative split run – 3-3-1 – afterwork evening run in Nashua felt great – 66* and sunny

Tuesday – Rest – Red Sox game

Wednesday – 3 easy miles – Merrimack loop – 75* and sunny

Thursday – 3 easy miles – on the treadmills – sore and tired knees

Friday – Negative split 4 miles – NRRT – 2-2 – 64* and cloudy

Saturday – Rest Day – Brian completed the Seacoast Century ride.

Sunday – Long run – 20.25 miles – The weather was perfect although a bit chilly at the start – sunny 52* and 66% humidity at the start – sunny 68* and 38% humidity at the end.  I fueled every 3 miles [Cliff gels and shot blocks as well as Sport Beans] and used Gatorade Endurance [lemon-lime]. I felt amazing on this run and unlike my last 20 miler, I did not have multiple stops to chat with hubby or a bathroom stop. I only stopped once with 4.5 miles to go when I ran into Brian who was at the beginning of his run. My ankle, lower shins, and knees were all fine. I wasn’t feeling great at the start due to some cold/allergy symptoms, but the run seemed to actually help the symptoms. I finished my audiobook – If I stay during part 1 of my run, listened to AMR podcast 2 and 3 during parts 2 and 3, and listened to music for the last part [4].

** tired and sore, achy knees

Total mileage: 37.25