Sunday November 23, 2014, 11:33am

I learned 2 lessons on this sunny fall morning.

This is such a low key fun race that I thought I would dress up for it. I got my shirt at Target for 50% off right after Halloween. It came with a cape! I found the Batman socks at Kohl’s in the Men’s department and they too have capes! I was so excited about my costume, I didn’t think about the weather and whether it would be appropriate or not.

lesson #1 If you are comfortable waiting for the race to start, you are dressed too warmly.



It was a bright sunny morning, but the weather had been up and down, so the trails had a little bit of everything: mud, snow, ice, branches, etc. Being a trail race, I knew I had to pay attention to the ground, but my legs felt heavy and I was warm. I got tripped up a couple of times before the big fall. One of my feet caught something and I went flying – landing flat on my belly and scraping my left arm/hand and right knee.

lesson #1 Dressing like a superhero does not mean you can fly like a superhero.

Despite falling and really not feeling this race, I finished in a reasonable time [3:04 slower than in 2013].  This 5 Mile Trail Race through Mine Falls Park is less than 10 minutes from home, is no frills and fun, and only cost me $13.25 – lots of reasons to make it an annual event.

64 F4049 SANDRA MULDOWNEY     43 F   764 MERRIMACK    NH   47:49  9:46