18th Annual Runner’s Alley/Redhook Memorial 5k Road Race 

May 24th, 2015 @ 11:00AM

Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, N.H.


Everything about this race was smooth. It was easy to get to and there was plenty of parking in a nearby office complex, which was an easy walk across the street to the brewery, where the port-a-pots were as well as bib/shirt pick-up. Everything was very organized and there were few lines at bib pick-up. There were plenty of port-a-potties in the parking lot of the brewery with short quick moving lines with volunteers directing folks to which one was open. We each received a short sleeve Redhook 5K New Balance Tech tee because we were in the first 1500 people registered. We had plenty of time to mill around before the race started just outside the brewery in what seemed like an industrial area, with many large businesses and closed streets, which were in great condition.


 Our last minute plan was that I would run with Brenna, while Brian would race.  We started in the middle of the pack, but Brian moved ahead.  Brenna was ready with her Gatorade chews, Monster headphones and phone in her side pant pockets.  We made it about .3 miles before Brenna complained about her headphones, which left me carrying them the rest of the way. Our first mile was good. There was no complaining and very little walking. The next two miles were a bit slower with walk breaks due to Brenna’s ankle hurting her as well as a side stitch. I encouraged her the whole way and it was an overall positive experience.


At the finish, she decided to take off so she would beat me. She ran to the right around some people and I ran to the left. I think she won, but the finish times have us finishing at the same time.

1624  27/49   F0112   41:06   40:29  13:02 Brenna Muldowney       11 F  1532 Merrimack NH
1626 211/274  F4049   41:06   40:29  13:02 Sandra Muldowney       44 F  1534 Merrimack NH 

They had the best post-race food ever – jambalaya rice with chicken, cold/hot pastas, pizza, bread, cheese sandwiches, desserts, Stonyfield yogurt, beer, water. There was also a live band and lots of green grass for folks to spread out and enjoy the warm sunny day.  There were lots of things about this race that would bring me back. What a fun family 5K.