Week 9 – MCM training

Week 9 – MCM training




Monday – If ever there was a day that I considered skipping my run, it was today. We returned home from Gunstock, unloaded, and I got ready to leave. It was 91* at 6:17 when I started. I chose to do the 3 mile loop in our neighborhood. Average pace – 10:32

Tuesday –  I set off at 8:51 am and it was sunny and 72*, but when I finished it was 86* real feel [58% humidity and 67* dew point]. This was a hot sweaty 6 mile run on NRRT. Average pace – 10:54

Wednesday – Crosstraining – 1 hour fitness yoga with Cheryl at YMCA

Thursday – hill repeats and 1 hour yoga with Deb at YMCA – total mileage 3:25

Friday – Long Run – 75* and cloudy when I started but when I finished at 1:30. It took me 3:11:46 to run my 16 miles today. I dodged storms and never got wet from rain, but I was drenched for most of my run because it was so soupy out. I listened to my audiobook for the first half and music for the latter half. 

Week 9 – MCM training

Week 8 – MCM training



Monday – This was a frustrating run where my Garmin failed to record my mileage correctly during a common 3 mile loop, so I had to go extra to make up the mileage. Average pace – 10:33

Tuesday – First training run on the treadmill due to rain and it getting dark. Two miles @ 9:13 and two miles @ 9:40 with 1/4 mile rest between each tempo mile. This was a challenging workout, but I did it. Average pace – 10:33

Wednesday – Crosstraining – I opted to do a Yoga with Adrienne video – Yoga for Strength and Focus (43:15), which was pretty challenging but much needed.

Thursday – Long Run – I ran my 9 miles on the NRRT this morning. The first 2 miles were hard with my shins feeling sore/tight. This did subside with continued running. I fueled/walked @ 30 and 60 minutes with gels. Average pace – 11:48

Friday – This easy run felt great although the soreness in my lower legs was still there. I had negative splits after mile 2. Average pace – 10:43

Saturday – I decided to bail on the easy 3 miles due to limited time because of Brian’s pre-race Ironman activities. this was only my second missed run.

Sunday – Rest Day – not quite – since I was up at 4:30am and was on the go all day and mostly on my feet due to Ironman 70.3 Timberman.

I am working hard at not watching my Garmin on easy and long runs and running by feel. The exception is on tempo/speed workouts. Three of my runs were below 11:00 pace which is faster than I have been running. This week’s word is one I am trying to remember when things are hard. I am fortunate that I ‘get to’ run because there are many people who cannot.

Week 9 – MCM training

Week 7 – MCM training



Monday – 3 easy miles in the neighborhood. I felt pretty good and was able to run faster than I have recently with little effort. Average pace: 10:31

Tuesday – 6.5 easy miles around Nashua – sunny 79* – 6pm – average pace: 10:53

Wednesday – 1 hour yoga class

Thursday – 5 miles with mid 3 @ tempo – avg. 9:25 felt hard (9:11 not quite) with 1 mile w/u and 1 mile c/d on NRRT – average pace: 9:58

friday – I decided to bail on my easy 3 miles today because my right shin was hurting me and my long run was on Saturday. This was my first missed run but I think it was the right decision for me because I had no pain on my long run.

Saturday – long run – Brian dropped me off at the end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Wellfleet near our campground. I ran 15.2 miles at an average pace of 11:45 and managed a negative split for my second half. I wore my Saucony and Sof Sole socks and hydrated using my pack and fueled with gels and Sport Beans. I had no issues but was tired by the end. The trail was relatively flT but exposed to the sun with little shade.

Sunday – Rest Day – travelled home from Cape Cod

Total weekly mileage – 29.7 miles







Week 9 – MCM training

Week 6 – MCM training

image*** I switched up my training plan for this week to accommodate my race on Saturday.

Monday – 3 easy miles + 8 strides this morning was not so easy with full sun out early and 73*.  I took no fuel or water and managed 3.85 miles in the neighborhood.

Tuesday – 6 miles will all negative splits on the NRRT. This was supposed to be a 3-2-1 but once I started with negative splits, I decided to do each mile faster than the one before it. I took no fuel or water. This run felt great although warm [sunny and 78*].

Wednesday – Crosstraining – I decided to take my daughter to the beach for 4 hours, where we played in the water and walked the shoreline. I also went to the park for a 30-minute Beachbody workout. It was still 91* at 7pm.

Thursday – long run – 14.5 miles on NRRT @ 11:58 with the first 7 miles being negative splits. My biggest issue was with sucking from my new hydration pack. [I have yet to figure out what the problem was.] I used gels and beans every 30 minutes and felt great. I listed to an audiobook which helped pass the time [2:53:33] and I ventured new territory!

Friday – Rest Day – We spent the day in Maine at our friend’s camp.

Saturday – Beach to Beacon 10K – Cape Elizabeth, ME – This was my easy 6 miles this week and probably the best workout ever, but I will save the details for my race review [coming soon]. I did have a very cool bib number!


Sunday – Rest Day – We travelled back from Portland, ME and spent some time at the beach.


I can’t believe I am 1/3 of the way done with training. At this point, I have no complaints. Things have been going really well and I have not missed any training days. My pace in general is about 1:30 slower than last summer and I can’t figure out why. I am trying to follow my pacing suggestions given my results from the Newport 10 miler.


Week 9 – MCM training

Week 5 – MCM training


*** I made some adjustments to this week’s training schedule given our wedding on Saturday.

Monday: 1 hour yoga class at the Y felt amazing and was much needed. I have been missing my twice weekly classes, so it was great to get back to it.

Tuesday: 6 easy [not so much] miles on the rail trail. I can’t say this was a good run because it was muggy and the mosquitos were swarming around my face for most the way! I did use my new hydration pack which was a challenge to adjust and was cutting into my left shoulder – next time: no tank top. I did wear my new top.



Wednesday: 45 minute Zumba class with a friend in a local park.

Thursday: 72* and sunny – My longest run to date was today and it felt amazing. My pace averaged at 11:24 and was fairly consistent until the last mile, which I purposefully sped up to 10:38. I fueled with Cliff gels and sport beans. My pack felt much better today. This is what an amazing 14 miles looks like.


 Friday: 3 easy miles – I was surprisingly not sore for this morning’s run and averaged 10:30/mile.

Saturday: 64* and cloudy – I was not looking forward to this tempo run, but headed out to the rail trail where I found the parking lot to be full. Brian headed to the other lot and I met him there [1 mile]. I set out to do my first tempo interval [1.5 miles] and then he caught up to me and we ran together for my .5 mile recovery before I set off on my own again. Overall, it was not a bad run, but challenging to get up to my tempo pace [9:11]. I did manage 9:34 and 9:28 for each of the first miles of the tempo interval. It was hard to track my pace for the full interval given the .5 mile.

Sunday: Rest Day [much needed after lots of dancing at the wedding last night and not much sleep last night]

Week 9 – MCM training

Week 4 – MCM training


Monday: I decided to run my 3 easy miles at the 2015 Mine Falls Trail Series-#7 in Nashua, NH, on July 13, 2015. My bestie ran with me and we chatted for most of it. I finished in 35.5 minutes and placed 109/140. I also received this message today!FullSizeRender (1)

Tuesday: I ran my 5 miles with the mid-3 at race pace [10:13]. It was 81* and cloudy this afternoon after work. My legs felt heavy and it was hard to get to my race pace (10:04-10:08).

Wednesday: Today’s cross training consisted of a 45 minute boot camp session in a park.   This was a different kind of workout for me and it definitely challenged me.


Thursday: Today’s negative split 6 mile run felt great and I was able to do the 2-2-2 without much difficulty. It was 64* and sunny. The rail trail was a perfect place for this run.

Friday: 66* and sunny made for a great easy 3 miles at a 10:15 pace.  This run felt really good and I probably went faster than I should have for an easy run.

Saturday: Today’s afternoon run felt good. It was 77* and cloudy for my 8 miles on the Nashua River Rail Trail. I averaged a 10:43 pace. ** I need to remember bug spray next time!!! I used my Fuel belt with some Gatorade and gels. This turned out to be a great run.

Sunday: REST DAY


Total Weekly Mileage: 25.5